Disinfection & sanitization

Frederick MD

Disinfection & sanitization

Complete Disinfection and Sanitizing Solutions in Frederick, MD

There is no higher priority than the safety of your employees, and your customers and work environment. We are in close communication with medical professionals at Walter Reed as we’re the preferred provider, local government agencies, and internal teams in our industry to stay on top of the evolving COVID-19 situation. Our staff is trained in hospital disinfection, We have treated multiple buildings exposed to Virus in our many years of service.

In addition to our sanitizing services for homes and businesses, Dry House Restoration offers other cleaning services. Remember, basic cleaning and sanitizing is where good hygiene begins. In fact, you cannot disinfect a dirty surface – you have to clean it first before it can be disinfected.

Ready to schedule sanitizing and disinfecting for your residence or commercial property? Our friendly representative will give you a free estimate and help you book an appointment at your convenience. 

technician disinfecting a room

We are now offering disinfection & sanitizing services for office and residential as part of our COVID-19 protection plan for Frederick, MD. The products we use for coronavirus cleaning and disinfection are all eligible to be used against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19, based on the EPA’s guidelines.

Please call for details and to set up an appointment.

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